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NR24&23 Thumbnail Traversing the dual gauge line, two very grubby standard gauge DEL locos, NR24 and NR23 hauling container freight out of Fisherman Island Terminal, negotiate the Stanley Street East crossing between Norman Park and Coorparoo stations on the afternoon of 9th January 2009. (Please excuse the poor quality image courtesy of low light and a low megapixel phone camera!)
DEL 1616 at Swanbank Thumbnail Here, on QPSR's (Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway) running day at Swanbank on 15th July 2007 we see their nicely preserved, ex QR 1600 class loco DEL 1616, with its train, as it drifts into Swanbank Station from Box Flat after running around the balloon loop.
DEL's PN06 PN10 PN11 Townsville Thumbnail A gaggle of PN locos (PN06, PN10 and PN11), await their next assignment out of Pacific National's Townsville Terminal. 21st April 2007.
DEL 2471D Townsville Thumbnail DEL 2471D trundles down the Jetty Line and the middle of Perkins Street at South Townsville hauling a rake of cement wagons away from the harbour. Wednesday 18th April 2007.
Tamping Machine Townsville Thumbnail Tamping machine MMA 65 works its way down the Jetty Line and the middle of Perkins Street in South Townsville on Monday 16th April 2007.
DEL 1747D Thumbnail 14th April 2007, the Saturday following the Easter weekend, finds DEL1747D sitting by itself and closer to the road in the Maryborough West yard. This closer shot reveals how in need of a good spruce up this hard working loco is. Note that, unfortunately, the builders plate is even missing!
DEL 1747D and wagons Thumbnail With an eclectic rake of three wagons fitted for carrying containers and timber poles DEL1747D sits in a far corner of the Maryborough West yard taking a well earned break over the 2007 Easter long weekend.
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MKA's 1, 2 and 3 at Gympie Thumbnail 3rd September 2006 finds PNQ DEL's MKA1, MKA2 and MKA3 sitting at the old Gympie Station. Since this photo was taken these locos were taken to EDI Marybough (Qld) for a refit and then on to Tasmania where they are now serving.
DEL 1649 Thumbnail Now owned by MVHR, DEL 1649 still in its blue QR livery, sits in the precint of the old Gympie Railway Station. Photographed Sunday 3rd September 2006.
DEL PN04 at Townsville Thumbnail DEL PN004 sits on a lonely vigil outside the Locomotive Maintenance Shed at Pacific National's Townsville Terminal. 10th August 2006.
DEL 1720 and LSR Thumbnail Saturday 5th August 2006 also finds DEL 1720 in Mackay yard. It has been seconded to shunting duties as evidenced by the LSR wagon attached. Ethanol tankers can also be seen in the background.
DEL 2838 Thumbnail Early Saturday morning 5th August 2006 and DEL 2828 sits alone and idle just across from the Diesel Tilt Train as it takes a drink from the refuelling depot at the southern end of Mackay Station's Platform.
Diesel Tilt Train at Roma Street Thumbnail My ride North! Friday 4th August 2006 minutes before taking my seat and departure for Cairns, I took this trailing end shot of the Diesel Tilt Train as it sat by Platform 10 at Roma Street Station (Brisbane).
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DEL 1616 Thumbnail Looking resplendent in QPSR livery, I get up close and personal with DEL 1616 pausing at Swanbank Station during the running day on Sunday 2nd july 2006.
DEL1751D Thumbnail A long way from her normal territory in Cairns in Far North Queensland, DEL1751D looking resplendent in her Kurnanda colours, waits with her crew behind BB18¼ 1079 at Toowoomba station after assisting with the Carnival of Flowers excursion train. 17th September 2005.
DEL 2825 Thumbnail On the weekend of Sunday 28th November 2004 DEL 2825, attached to a south bound container train, sits shut down at Maryborough West Station.
DEL PN002 Thumbnail This side view clearly shows the striking livery of the newly outshopped loco for PNQ, PN002 as it sits outside EDI-Walkers Maryborough. Sunday 28th November 2004.
DEL 4046 Thumbnail On the same Sunday, (28th November 2004), QR's newly outshopped DEL 4046 lurks in the shadows as it also sits outside EDI-Walkers Maryborough, just behind its Pacific National sibling.
DEL 2362 with Inlander Thumbnail Only a few minutes after the departure of the Tilt Train, DEL 2362 hauling the Inlander pulls into the new Townsville Station. Saturday 1st November 2003.
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Diesel Tilt Departs Townsville Thumbnail North bound Diesel Tilt Train (401+402) "City of Cairns" crosses the Causeway as it departs from the new Townsville Station on time at 13:05 hrs, Saturday 1st November 2003
Diesel Tilt into Townsville Thumbnail North bound Diesel Tilt Train (401+402) "City of Cairns" pulls into the new Townsville Station on Saturday 1st November 2003.
Tilt Train Refuel Station Thumbnail The Diesel Tilt Train's refuelling facility at Mackay Station. Tuesday 28th October 2003.
Diesel Tilt Train Thumbnail Sunday 3rd August 2003 and the Diesel Tilt Train (403+404) is seen here departing Redbank Workshops after a visit, apparently to check clearances within the workshop complex.
DEL 2182 Thumbnail Sunday 3rd August 2003 and another recently outshopped 1720 class loco, DEL 1749, sits at Redbank Loco Maintenance Depot with new cab, fresh paint and less a 'D' suffix.
DEL 1757D Thumbnail Still in its original blue livery, DEL 1757D has seen better days. Its rusted roof, faded paint and graffiti make it a sad sight as it sits at Redbank Loco Maintenance Depot on Sunday 3rd August 2003.
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DEL 2182 Thumbnail DEL 2182 now sporting its 2182 numbering sits at Redbank Loco Maintenance Depot on Sunday 3rd August 2003. Rumour has it that this number may only be temporary as well.
DEL 2182 as 2220 Thumbnail DEL 2182 in its temporary guise as 2220 sits at Redbank Loco Maintenance Depot in the company of DEL 2390 and 2322. Saturday 20th July 2003.
DEL 1753 Thumbnail Saturday 20th July 2003, DEL 1753 looks resplendent with its new cab and coat of paint, at Redbank Loco Maintenance Depot. It seems newly outshopped 1720 locos are losing their 'D' suffix and have only one driving station, making them a true DOO (Driver Only Operation) loco.
Diesel Tilt Train Thumbnail Christmas Eve 2002 and almost two full sets (one power car is missing) of the new Diesel (Cairns) Tilt Train sits in a siding at Maryborough West.
DEL 2304 Spirit of the Tropics Thumbnail Northbound "Spirit of the Tropics" hauled by DEL 2304, arrives at Home Hill Station. 14th August 2002.
DEL 2195F Thumbnail Heading north, DEL 2195F hauling 24 wagons of mixed freight, consisting mainly of coke containers, works hard up the gradient near Clevedon just south of Townsville. 14th August 2002.
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DEL-2315/175? Thumbnail DEL 2315 hauls the Brisbane bound Westlander and DEL 175? as vehicle through Grandchester mid morning on Thursday 24th November 2001.
DEL 2212(F) Thumbnail Late afternoon 24th August 2001 and DEL 2212F is seen here hauling empty VASO sugar wagons across Southwood Road and through Partington. At the time this photo was taken it was minus its 'F' suffix which was never painted back on after it had its cabin enlarged and refitted in 1998. These days however, it sports its 'F' suffix plus a brand new corporate livery paint job!
DEL-2843 Thumbnail Friday 24th August 2001 and the biggest train thus far on the Great Northern Railway is pictured here just East of Woodstock on its return trip to Cloncurry. Hauled by DEL 2843/4026/2180F (as vehicle), the trial train consisted of a total of 72 copper concentrate wagons of the GSZY, GSZZ and GAZ types.
Chilean bound 2100s 							Thumbnail Bound for Chile, four primer grey 2100 locos, at Redbank Depot, await the long voyage ahead of them. I saw at least eight of them that day. Sunday 4th August, 2001.
DEL-2390 Thumbnail Late afternoon, Thursday 23rd August 2001 and DEL-2390 does the honours hauling the Spirit of the Tropics into Townsville. With Mt. Stuart in the background it is seen here crossing the Ross River Bridge at Yennor just a few kilometres south of Townsville Station.
DEL1756 Thumbnail Looking a little worse for wear, DEL-1756 and its consist of twelve VMOA syrup wagons sits alone and idle just outside of Mareeba in Far North Queensland. Monday 27th August, 2001.
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DH-72 Thumbnail DH-72 heritage loco at MaryboroughStation, Saturday 11th Nov 2000. With assistance from now the now retired DEL-1707, it hauled a heritage train North to Bundaberg and return as part of the Train Fest 2000 activities.
DEL 2121F Thumbnail DEL-2121F, blue nosed and a little grubby, sits idle with its consist at Maryborough West. Saturday 11th November 2000.
DEL1604 Thumbnail Preserved loco DEL-1604 takes its turn with shunting duties at the ARHSQ Rosewood Railway Museum, Kunkala.
DEL 1179 Thumbnail ARHSQ owned DEL-1179 from a slightly different perspective.

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