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Glossary of terms and Acronyms

  • CTT:- Cairns Tilt Train (Diesel Tilt Train)
  • DEL: - Diesel Electric Loco
  • DH : - Diesel Hyrdaulic Loco
  • DL :- Diesel Mechanical Loco
  • EL : - Electric Loco
  • EMU: - Electric Multiple Unit
  • ICE: - Intercity Express
  • IMU: - Interurban Multiple Unit
  • PNQ:- Pacific National Queensland
  • QR:- Queensland Rail
  • QRN:- QR National
  • RM: - Rail Motor
  • RTT:- Rockhampton Tilt Train (Electric Tilt Train)
  • SMU:- Suburban Multiple Unit
Steam Loco Classification

Queensland railways classified their steam locos primarily according to the number of driving wheels the locos had and the diameter (in inches) of the wheel cylinders. Some other letters were added to avoid confusion with different loco types. See examples below:
  • A = 4 drive wheels.
  • B = 6 drive wheels.
  • C = 8 drive wheels.
  • D = Tank Engine.
For example, an A10 loco had 4 drive wheels and a 10 inch cylinder while a C17 had 8 drive wheels and 17 inch cylinder. However, letters were added in front to avoid confusion with different loco types of the same classification eg C16 locos and AC16 locos both had 8 drive wheels and 16 inch cylinders but the AC16 was the American built Baldwin Loco. Also, letters were duplicated where two locos had the same classification and so the second loco received an extra letter eg BB181/4 and DD17. At first, tank engines had a number in front to designate number of drive wheels but eventually all tank engines in service had 6 driving wheels so the number prefix became unecessary.

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