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C17-996 at Southport Thumbnail I found these images I had forgotten about of C17-996 only a few weeks ago (early August 2009), on an old mobile phone handset. These images, I recall, were taken only a week or so before 996 was relocated from Southport's Tuesley Park, (cnr North Street and The Gold Coast Highway) to QPSR at Swanbank on the 22nd June 2005.
C17-996 at Southport Thumbnail This slightly closer view of C17-996 better shows its drive wheel configuration.
C17-996 at Southport Thumbnail Lots of work to be done by the QPSR guys here! This close up view of the footplate area showed an advanced state of rust, hardly surprising, given its close proximity to the ocean and exposure to the salt air for all those years!
The Valley Rattler Amamoor Bound Thumbnail It's a glorious winters day on Saturday 14th June 2008 and I find myself on a pleasant trip bound for Amamoor (west of Gympie), on MVHR's (Mary Valley Heritage Railway) 'Valley Rattler' train hauled by ex QR loco C17-967.
C17-967 on Amamoor Turntable Thumbnail Having reached Amamoor, MVHR volunteers put their backs into it as they turn C17-967 on the turntable in readiness for the 'Valley Rattler's' return trip to Gympie. 14th June 2008.
C17_967 at Amamoor Station Thumbnail C17-967 and the 'Valley Rattler' train sit at Amamoor Station ready for depature on the return trip to Gympie. 14th June 2008.
AC16-221A Thumbnail QR's heritage loco AC16-221A has just arrived at Ipswich Railway Workshops Museum on Saturday 21st July 2007 hauling the "Hogwarts Express" tour helping to celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter Book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".
AC16-221A with Crowd Thumbnail Shot showing the crowds of people that turned up to admire AC16-221A and its "Hogwarts Express" train on the same Saturday 21st July 2007.
Kilrie works to Swanbank Thumbnail On a running day on Sunday 15th July 2007 QPSR's (Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway) hard working little steam loco 'Kilrie' works the train on the return trip to Swanbank from Bundamba Racecourse.
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Kilrie has a drink Thumbnail On the same running day on 15th July 2007, following its return to Swanbank from Bundamba Racecourse, 'Kilrie' has a well earned rest and drink at Swanbank Station.
Kilrie simmers Thumbnail Now with its thirst quenched, 'Kilrie' simmers away impatiently at Swanbank Station, more than ready for its next scheduled run on the 15th July running day.
B15-299 Thumbnail A sad sight! B15-299 sits at Maryborough station, graffitied and with its light broken. When this photo was taken on the 11th February 2007, the whole station looked very run down and deserted with graffitti and broken windows everywhere.
Mary Ann at Maryborough Thumbnail The very first Loco ever built by Walkers Maryborough (now EDI) was the "Mary Ann", built in 1873 for a private company, Messrs Pettigrew and Sim. This beautifully built full sized and fully operational replica was completed in 1999 by by W M Olds and Sons of Maryborough. Here we see it on a running day in full steam, ready for another run along the banks of the Mary River. 25th February 2006.
BB18_1079 Thumbnail After hauling the Carnival of Flowers excursion train from Brisbane, (with the assistance of DEL1751D from Helidon), BB18¼ 1079 finally rests at Toowoomba Station around Midday on very windy Saturday 17th September 2005.
DD17-1051 at Bethania Thumbnail DD17-1051 "The Blue Baby" this time at Bethania Station, prepares to return to Roma Street during a Sunshine Express Christmas excursion on Saturday 13th December 2003.
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DD17-1051 and Train Thumbnail Thursday 10th July 2003, QR Heritage Loco DD17-1051 "The Blue Baby" hauling the Workshops Rail Museum Steam Tour, is pictured here, running bunker first, on the approach to the Ipswich Workshops Museum. This tour has become a regular event with the newly restored AC16-221A loco and BB18¼-1089 loco having done the honours on previous tours.
DD17-1051Thumbnail The same 10th July morning showing a closer view of DD17-1051 as it prepares to pull into The Ipswich Workshops Museum Station.
AC16-221A Thumbnail The latest addition to QR's Heritage Loco fleet is AC16-221A. Here it's seen departing Helidon Station, Monday 9th June 2003 hauling the Wallangara Tour train on the return leg to Brisbane.
BB18¼ - 1089 Thumbnail QR Heritage Loco BB18¼ - 1089 uses the Thorneside angle to swap ends of the "Surburban Wanderer" Heritage Excursion Train to travel on to Bethania then back to Roma Street. Saturday 20th July 2002.
PB15-454 Thumbnail August 2002, a long way from home in Victoria, ex QR Loco PB15-454 sits at Queenscliff Station in the care of Bellarine Peninsula Railway. Queenscliff lies on the very eastern extremity of the Bellarine Peninsula which is on the western side of of Port Phillip Bay.
BB18¼ - 1079 Thumbnail Saturday 14th April 2002 and BB18 1/4 - 1089/1079 hauling "The Mountaineer" excursion, puts on a display at a photo stop near Holmes on the Toowoomba Range.
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BB181/4 1089&1079 on Little Liverpool Range Thumbnail Saturday 14th April 2002 and BB18 1/4 - 1089/1079 hauling "The Mountaineer" excursion train, make easy work of the climb over the Little Liverpool Range.
BB18¼ - 1079 Thumbnail Sunday 1st April, 2001. BB18 1/4 - 1079 (4-6-2) sits at Toowoomba Station in readiness to haul "The Mountaineer" heritage excursion train back to Brisbane.
BB18¼ - 1079 departing Thumbnail BB18 1/4 - 1079 departs Toowoomba for the return trip to Brisbane.
PB15-738 Thumbnail Sunday 30th July 2000 running day. Ex QR Loco PB15-738 (4-6-0) simmers at Cabanda station, before the climb to the Rosewood Railway Museum at Kunkala. The loco was restored by and is owned by ARHSQ.
PB15-738 Thumbnail PB15-738 begins the climb to Kunkala Station.
A10 - 6 							Thumbnail A10-6 (0-4-2) arrives at its desination, Grandchester, on Sunday 18th February 2001, hauling a heritage excursion train from Ipswich. A10 locos were the first QR locos and the Ipswich to Grandchester line, completed in 1865, was the first stretch of railway ever built in Queensland.

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