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Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you find it informative, interesting and worth your trip here. :-) Please don't forget to click "refresh" on each page of the site for the most updated version of the page.

What's NEW?

I have added a new 'Books' (and magazines) page to my site. This new page features links to book stores and magazine publications specialising in Australian rail related topics.

Latest photo gallery upload includes a small collection photos I have taken over the years of English Electric 1600/1620 class locos.

Latest video uploads include short footage of an Aurizon grain train heading through Ipswich, bound for Port Of Brisbane on Fisherman Island, 1st May 2021 and Queensland Rail loco 2472 hauling an L and M class carriage past Riverlink, North Ipswich on the 6th June 2021.

What's this site about?

DEL 2828

First of all and probably most obviously, this site is NOT the official site of Aurizon, Queensland Rail, Pacific National, Watco or any other rail corporation in Queensland or Australia, nor is it affiliated with any particular rail preservation, tourist or historical group. What this site is however, is a central point from where I can share photos, videos, links to rail related organisations and a little information of the current state of railways in Queensland, courtesy of rail tragic and author Arthur Shale. Trusting you find something here of interest.

Copyright Note: As always, copyright of each image or video remains with the owner. Provided relevant acknowledgement of ownership is given, permission is given for any image or video to be downloaded, shared or embeded for personal use and use on any personal or non-profit organisation's web site or social media page.

Feel free to comment, or make a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of this site. I assure you I am far from being a railway expert! If you believe I have made an error with any information anywhere on this site, please let me know. Just click on 'e-mail me!' on the menu bar and drop me a line.

For their valuable assistance in the creation and continued maintenance of this site, a special thanks goes to my good friend Arthur Shale with his extensive knowledge of Queensland Railways and my good friend Dean Stalker with his input and advice on the site's design and site hosting!

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